There she stands, behind the bar

Pretty face, ready to charm

Hypnotizing everyone

Keeping up the liquor run

Mixing feelings, mixing rum

Playing games of tag and run

She’s got everybody down

She’s the queen, she’s got the crown.


But behind her pretty eyes

He can see through her disguise

Through her soul, right in her heart

He can see that mind apart

And the sadness hid inside

All concealed in flirts and laughs.


So he tries to break her walls

Like a warrior so strong

Save her from the hell inside

From her inner curse of lies

And he fights for her and cries

As he slowly dies inside.


Fighting through her hell of demons

Lost through flames, there’s no more seasons

But the hottest summer yet

He’s in hell, it’s now too late.

Consequences now are dire

But he fights fire with fire

Bells have rung , quire has sung

Ode to all the broken-hearted ones!


Flying too close to the sun

Dove to deep and tried too hard

Lost himself in light and dark

Lost his sight, he’s colorblind.

Lost his will, he’s all a mess

Time’s ran out, he failed the test.


Like Icarus, he’s drowned in the abyss

Petrified and stoned by Medusa’s kiss

His heel’s been wounded

Achille’s shouting down on him

And Samson keeps reminding him

That no man’s got no weaknesses.


There she stands, behind the bar

Keeping up his liquor run

There he stands, drunk at the bar

Mixing feelings, mixing rum

Hypnotized by siren songs

She’s the queen, she’s got the crown.