Lost and found, without and owner

Crazed at mind, so drunk yet sober,

Fighting twenty -seven other

Bits of brain inside my head

Disagreements, warfare, parlays

Faded truce hopes, shattered dreams

So we came to the conclusion

That we just can’t coexist

One of us must die, no honor,

All the rest will have to follow

And ascend into fake heavens

Or descend into real hells.

Only one can leave the battle

And still sail, as the ship’s captain

Only one can be the master

Of our universe forever after

Sound the horns!It has begun

We take all our armor off

No more shields, or clothes, or weapons

Only blood, and flesh, and bones

Like old Norsemen now we battle

As we grin at our own deaths

Who will win, it does not matter

We won’t know, it’s hard to tell

I am they, and they are I

We are one, as one we’ll fall.