The world is carved onto one’s face

One’s eyes are stars, one’s soul is space

One’s mouth is small, eroded cave

But when it speaks, it speaks for days.


One’s smile is bright, just like the sun

One’s hair is long, color of rum.

And when one leaves, one leaves no trail

One’s ego tastes of ginger ale.


One’s colorblind but dreams in colors

One sings a lot, just like one’s mother

One lies too much, just like one’s father

One’s never late, he cares for others.


One does forgive, one does forget

One laughs a lot, one gets upset

One dreams for days and dreams for nights

One’s young and old at the same time.


One’s tears are crystal, crystal clear

But not of anger, grief or fear

One’s tears that fall are tears of bliss

Of love and hope and happiness.


The ones that don’t, are acid rain

Polluted with one’s grief and pain

But one is strong, as mountains are

Although eroded inside out.


But that’s how beauty comes to life

Destructive forces breathe new life

Perfection lies in imperfections

And life and death are merely questions.


One doesn’t bother with such lies

One lives to love and travels wide.

One loves to dance to sounds of strings

One speaks a thousand languages.

He learned them all but still seeks on

For someone that can speak one’s own.