A half-dipped sun gives warmth and hope

The orange sky helps guide the boat

The old man keeps on rowingΒ  through

His journey through the mystic blue.


His hair is grey just like the dust

His shirt is white like morning light

His coat is darker than the coal

But still the brightest is his soul,

That keeps him sailing on that boat,

On shallow water, clear below.


He had been sailing all his life

And rowing down his boat of time

Drawn in by the currents of his fate

The river flows, it does not wait.


When young, the water’s deep and cold

But it gets warmer as we grow

Its darkness clears and depth dissolves

We learn to read the fog , and more,

We learn to sail through heat and storm

We learn to read the wind and shores.


We learn to use the stars as guides

We read the clouds, we hear the tide.

We learn to learn and as we sail

We age while seas remain the same.


The most important that we learn

Is that however hard we row

We cannot beat the currents’ will

The will that guides from underneath.

And so we learn to swim and dive

To read the current and choose wise.


And as the old man sails his boat

We sail our own and stay afloat

Since while there’s water underneath

We’ll keep on rowing as we breathe.