Disney Sea was just Amaziiinggg….that’s what I would have probably said had I been 12. I have to say for 3700 yen a ticket plus 1000 return for transportation it was not really what I had expected. Disney Land is supposed to be aimed at 4 or 5 year old kids and Disney Sea at adults. Apparently the ‘adults’ rumors refer to are 11 or 12 year olds.

Most of the rides were designed for kids and the most ‘thrilling’ ones had enormous queues and only lasted for one minute at most.[you can read  excitement all over my face]

However, despite my grumpiness in the beginning it eventually got me. As I was riding through “Sinbad’s Journey”(a slow boat ride through a fable scenario) watching the performance of my favorite childhood characters while listening to the Disney music on the background I couldn’t help thinking at how much I would have enjoyed it as a kid. Even though I was really bored at the beginning and really regretted coming  , I could actually feel the Disney atmosphere. In the end it eventually came up. I just felt like a child again and could not stop fooling around with one of my friends. Although my  childhood ended a long time ago,  it keeps on springing back during times like these..all of a sudden I feel like a kid , let go of all my worries , and don’t really care what people around me think.

In the beginning we waited for like 100 minutes to join a ride but  in the end we were so anxious that we broke 5 minutes wait lines just to have some fun…twice. We didn’t care if the people were looking angry at us for breaking the queue and that we probably made fools of ourselves(especially that the Japanese really care for respecting rules)..we were just two kids who couldn’t wait any longer to have fun.