Apparently, rain keeps on following me. When I first arrived in England last year about exactly this time of the month(back then it was it’s 17th) I literally got soaked by a heavy rain shower which only lasted for like 10 minutes..exactly the amount of time it took me to get back to my accommodation. Well, I guess it had to happen here as well.

Me and a fellow NishiWasedian [someone who lives in my accomodation] went on a bit of exploration of Tokyo and just as we were ‘enjoying’ a district called Ikebukuro, it started pouring all of a sudden. It was a matter of seconds before we got soaked. However, I have to admit it was a really nice feeling. There were like 30 degrees outside and the rain was refreshing.

Actually it was so good that we decided to just walk back to our accommodation. It was only 2 train stations away so by foot it shouldn’t have taken us more than 40 minutes to go back. The only problem was that we did not know how to get there by foot so we started asking for directions. I tried to stay away from asking policemen due to my previous stereotype(policemen are close to useless when asking for directions) so we just asked people on the street. AtΒ  point one of them asks us to follow him and takes us directly to a police office. There he starts talking to the policeman in Japanese, asking for directions. I can say that the policemen was more confused than we were. He got a map out and for about 10 minutes he just turned it over and over and tried to make up his mind. Even the other Japanese person could barely control his laughter at the policeman’s confusion so in the end we just had to take the train back.
From the train station to our accommodation(15 minutes walk) it kept on pouring but everything was alright. We just loved rain drops falling on our heads.