Cowards! Cowards run the world today

You change channels, you turn grey

All this news is fake you say

To yourself, you scratch your brain.

Walk along your wall in doubt

Think out loud, you scream and shout

You get angry at the gravity

Of the ignorance in society

Where’s the honour of the past?

What’s this loyalty with no real cause?

You make plans, you preach, you hate

You write letters, march and wait

For the people’s minds to wake

But you’ve lost, you lose your faith

Lose your hope you lose the steps

You’re not loyal to yourself.

You can’t practice what you preach

You don’t turn the other cheek

You’re unfaithful to your cause

You’re not better than the crowd.

Like a madman you just laugh

And recite both day and night

Even the greatest stars

Live their lives in the looking glass.